Thursday, 11 October 2012

MARC records

"The Marc record is frightening at first, seeming complicated, written in a different language." 
I can attest to feeling all of the above!  At the beginning of the week, I did think to myself, what have I gotten myself into!  I can't do this.   Taking a deep breath, diving in and trying to create a few records on my own and checking them with the VPL was not as difficult as I had originally thought.  With practice, I wasn't doing too badly.
I do appreciate and think this week's lesson was beneficial and will be helpful should I ever want to add information to a MARC record in our school library. We have central cataloging in our district.  I am by far an expert but now have an understanding of how a MARC record works.
We have talked a lot about access in  class and I think the on-line catalogue could be a useful tool in providing access to students and teachers to resources.  Being able to create our own MARC records, allows us to add important details to our on-line catalogues which might have otherwise been missed by central cataloging.  The more details we add, the more likely a student or teacher will take out or look at a resource.  In these times, it is important teacher-librarians do all the can to keep circulation numbers up and the school library busy.


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