Sunday, 21 October 2012


It was interesting to see how much the CIP has evolved over the years with so much more information being added, in general.  I also was surprised with the detail that was added to the Dr. Seuss book(1957) I looked at.  Thank goodness, we now have pictures you can add to records that help patrons recognize the book.   I can not imagine adding such detail to each book and ever book.
I am also still wondering about subject headings and how to add them to a record for added accessibility.  Something I will need to investigate.
The second book I chose  was O Canada by Ted Harrison.  While the book offers descriptions of each province/territory, the book was written before Nunavut was a territory.  While I, as a classroom teacher, use this book for its art, I was thinking it might be an idea to perhaps have the students make their own page featuring Nunavut.  As a teacher-librarian, I do wonder about weeding out these types of material as the information is outdated.
As for the third book, I looked at was the Giving Tree, I was surprised under the subject  headings that only trees was featured.  It made me realize the importance subject headings play in making a book more accessible.  I was speaking with our teacher-librarian and as far as she knows we are only allowed to add to the notes section.  I guess this will be something I will have to investigate when I do have a teacher-librarian job should the need arise.

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