Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Since we went on a field trip geocaching today and as this is a relatively new topic for me, I decided to begin by searching this topic on Delicious.  The tags I found were geocaching, gps, maps, gis, travel, tools, map and outdoors.  All of the tags seemed appropriate and when I clicked on the links,  they were active and relevant.  I do think Delicious is quite similar to Pinterest where one could spend hours looking up info and run the rest of getting sidetracked.  I did appreciate the fact that one can narrow down their search using the tags.
The second topic I looked up was constellations as this is a topic I will be starting shortly with my students.  The top tags were space, science, stars, astronomy.  These were all tags I would expect to find under constellations.  However, I did find it strange that the second link for Constellations on th first page was Odd Christmas gifts.  Not sure about that one?  I am not too clear how the public tags and links are chosen on Delicious but it doesn't seem selective enough and at times not appropriate for a school setting.  It seems to me it could be better organized?  For instance, I also looked up Wayne Gretzky as I often have students wanting to choose a hockey player for their annual speech and found some tags that were really not suitable for the school setting.  Maybe there is some way of avoiding/filtering these tags?  Having said this, I do see Delicious as a useful timesaving tool for storing bookmarks and could see myself using this professionally but not with my students.

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