Sunday, 16 September 2012


This week's lesson made me really think about my personal beliefs around access in the library.  I found this difficult to answer/formulate as I am not a teacher-librarian yet.  I am however, glad and see the benefits as to why we visited this subject of access.  It took me many years to have a firm set of beliefs as a classroom teacher and if we are discussing this now, I feel I will be better prepared when I do eventually get my own library.
The reading I particularly enjoyed this week was David Loertscher's article:  School Libraries need a Revolution as I was keenly interested in his vision as to where libraries should be heading.  While he shares many different and exciting possibilities, many involving technology, I wonder how this could work in schools that are struggling to keep up with technology, such as our school and are lacking in technology support?  If I were in the library, I think a good start would be in establishing a library website.  I could see a site that is interactive and where, for instance students are able to participate in book clubs on-line.
One last thing.  There was much talk about ereaders this week.  I wonder- do students use them?  I have yet to see a student with one (I do teach elementary school, though).  I have tried to encourage my two teenagers to download books they want on my Kobo but no luck, they want to hold the book.

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