Monday, 12 November 2012

Cataloguing and Processing

Luckily, in our school district we have centralized cataloguing.  Honestly, I don't know how teacher-librarians would cope without it as they provide prep time to students from K to 4.  Our library is busy. Where would they find the time?  As our teacher-librarian would say, we are in the business of teaching. I got a little sidetracked this week, thinking of how to easily acquire French books without paying a fortune.  I do think if I were to give up teaching I could perhaps become a library book jobber specializing in French books!
I am in a school that seems to have a wealth of money for the library so it never crossed my mind about lending out books even if they were not processed.  I did interview another teacher-librarian for another course who had limited funds and I could see myself hesitating lending books out as I wouldn't have the funds to replace them should they not return.
Our teacher-librarian always seems one step ahead with ordering books.  She has books put aside in June for the following year just waiting for the fall budget to come in.  She knows some of the district's library technicians and rarely waits more than two weeks for books.  This week, I got a more in-depth glimpse into the ins and outs of ordering books and will take these insights with me when I do get a teacher-librarian job of my own.

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